Authorware is a multimedia software development tool developed by Macromedia. This program is arguably the most powerful tool available for developing interactive multimedia applications. Since the founding of World Connect, Authorware has been one of the cornerstone of our development efforts. World Connect is recognized for its expert knowledge and use of Authorware. In addition to helping you with challenging Authorware programming tasks, we also offer on-site Authorware training and consulting.

We excel at Authorware templates; student recordkeeping and progress tracking; on-line help; installation programs; Shockwave; tables, forms and grids; software simulations; short, the features and functionality you need but may be unsure of how to implement.

Despite it's built-in power and flexibility, there are simply some tasks that Authorware is either not designed to do or does not implement well. We have the experience and resources to overcome these limitations:

    Animated GIF files
    Catalogs and databases with external media updating
    Compression of data files for saving onto floppy disks
    Control windows (maximize, minimize, move to front/back, etc.)
    Data and media file encryption
    Digital video controllers
    Disable Windows keys
    Editable text entries
    Embed fonts
    Export to various formats
    Graphs and charts drawn and updated on the fly
    Installation/setup programs
    Microsoft Agent technology
    Palette optimization
    Play two or more sounds at once
    Printing formatted reports complete with graphics
    QuickDraw 3D real-time file creation and viewing
    Scale graphics on the fly
    Screen captures
    Sound toggle
    Sorting data
    Spreadsheet and grid layouts
    System requirements check
    Windows software simulations
    Volume control

...and many, many other features and functionality can be added!

Contact us if you need assistance with Authorware programming, whether it be designing the program from scratch or simply implementing key features into your project that you might have thought otherwise impossible.

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