Custom Web Services/Pricing *

World Connect's basic prices for the creation of Websites is generally ranges between $500 - $3000. Moderate sized Websites (12 pages and greater) usually takes about one month, but can be expedited for an additional charge. Additionally, we offer design templates that are basic, and not especially original, but can result in a sizable discount from the total cost.

Providing the elements below also dramatically speeds production:

  • a flow chart outlining order of pages

  • your ideas for the type of site that you want in terms of style, e.g., corporate, simple or elegant, etc. (See Design Interfaces below.)

  • idea of a particular type face you may like

  • text typed in a MS Word or WordPerfect document that you want to use verbatim

Below, are the general pricing guidelines for custom work we provide:

  • Logos and Name Plates
    If you would like us to create a logo or name plate, we charge by the hour. Generally, the range goes from $75 to $300, but can vary, depending on the work involved in creating exactly what you want. Logos normally take a week or less to create.

  • Custom Buttons
    Custom buttons are divided into three categories: Simple, medium, and complex. Simple buttons (static) cost $5 each, medium buttons (simple rollovers) cost $20 each, and complex buttons (rollovers and disjointed) cost $35 each.

  • Design Interfaces
    In terms of what people want us to create, this is number one. We can create simple, elegant interfaces, high-tech, star trek like interfaces, small business and corporate, or anything in the middle. These generally take a week to two weeks and cost between $100 to $500, depending the amount of time that is spent on developing it, and whether you want mouseover effects.

  • Banners
    Our banners are priced modestly. If it's a static banner, we charge a flat fee of $75. If it's animated, it will cost between $125 to $250. But remember: A cleverly designed banner can bring a lot more visitors to your site, compared to a badly designed bannerówe'll make sure you get it right the first time.

  • Special Features
    Special add-ons or requirements such as shopping carts, CGI scripts, or Javascripts will add from $25 to $500 to the cost of your Website.

  • Promotion
    If you would like World Connect to promote your site, this will add to the total cost, but may be worth it, in terms of your sites visibility. Note: Most people who get their site designed by us also get it promoted by us. (Also see our Consulting area.)

  • Hosting
    When you tell us your requirements, we can find, at no extra charge, a quality Internet Service Provider (ISP)** that provides 'cost efficient' hosting solution.

  • Additional Customized Items
    We also provide other customized requirements such as package design, 3D renderings, animations, etc. There is no standard price range because of the wide spectrum of jobs that we do, but in general package design costs around $250, 3D renderings cost $50 to $250 and animations cost $5 to $100, depending on our clients need.

Please contact us for more information about your requirements.
** ISP fees are not included in above prices. We are not an ISP, but can refer you to reliable companies with which we have had good experience. Internic fees for acquiring a Domain Name Registration ( is $70 for the first 2 years and $35 per year thereafter. We will work with the ISP of your choice so long as they allow access to cgi-bin directory and ftp access to your Web page files.