Payment Process
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Pricing and Payment
After discussing the design process with you, and deciding the on best solution for you or your company, we'll give you a quote. Once you are in agreement with the price and the particulars, payment of half the total cost will be due upon signing the contract that we will fax, e-mail, or regular mail to you.

After the initial payment is received, production of your site begins. We'll send you basic samples of our ideas, and upon your approval, we'll finalize the job (staying in contact with you throughout the process.)

Click HERE for Payment Overview.

Final payment is due upon completion of the Website. Note that

Please review the standard price list for our basic Web rates.
Our custom price list details additional Web services and design rates.

Use the above pricing guides to estimate the cost of your site, but fill out the order form or contact us for the actual cost from World Connect.

NOTE: You may receive a discount if your requirements are very small. In contrast, the general rate may increase for vast requirements over and above the standard rates. In most cases, though, we adhere strictly to our standard rates. If you have any questions, please contact us.