Where to Start

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So, You Need Web Presence.
Businesses that effectively utilize the Internet gain a competitive advantage by offering their services and products to a wider customer base. The big problem though, is that designing an effective Website can be a tedious and difficult task for most people. So, how do you begin?

Hire A Professional!
It pays to work with a professional company who can guide you through this development process from start to finish. World Connect provides you with just such support. We understand the complexities of cyberspace and the challenges of targeting an effective message to the consumer. Our highly skilled team of experts can guide you though the process of getting your company started on the Internet.

Whether you are designing a new site from scratch or revitalizing an existing Website, World Connect can give you the results you're looking for!

What We Do.
We design high quality Websites with high quality graphics. We use the latest software in the media to create Websites that are interesting, informative, easy reading and fast-loading. Whether you need a new Website, or you want to optimize your old one, we have the answers.

We'll work with you throughout the steps of production, to ensure you're receiving the site that you envisioned.

We produce inexpensive Web pages (that just look expensive), and also specialize in customized Web documents. We take the hassle out of creating Web documents for the Internet, and give you're desired results.

We Are You're One-Stop Shop.
With World Connect, there's no need for "in house" experts, or outsourcing to multiple companies. Simply supply us with the text and photographs that you want to include on you site—or we can provide everything to complete your Web documents.

We also have contacts with all major Internet providers (ISP) and can negotiate a reasonable price to house your Web documents.

World Connect provides all this at a very reasonable flat rate , because we know that effective Websites don't have to be expensive!
Please read our Credo.

Our Process