Website Factors

Website design is contingent upon four things: Number of pages, complexity of the site, special features, site hosting, and promotion

Number of Pages
This is probably the most determining factor in the cost of your site. Work is required for the development of each page. Simply put, the more the pages, the higher the cost. Along with the complexity, this is a primary factor in the cost of your site.

Complexity of Your Site
Complex elements are also a factor in determining the price of your site. If you want an intricate site with many animations, scripts, and custom design , the cost will be proportionately higher. Please take this into consideration when you fill out the work request form .

Special Features
Special add-ons or requirements such as shopping carts, CGI scripts, or Javascripts will be charged additionally.
(See our customization page.)

If requested and after discussing your requirements, World Connect can retain an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your site.
(See our customization page.)

If you would like World Connect to promote your site, this will add to the total cost, and it may be worth it in terms of your sites visibility.
Most people who get their site designed by us also have it promoted by us.
(See our consulting page.)

Please review the Standard Price List and the Custom Price List for an idea of the associated cost of the services we offer.

If you have any questions, please contact us .

Pricing and Payment